Chapter 1 - How did Gamba and Soya come into our lives?

Prawn and Soy

A visit to the mechanical workshop that changed everything

One of our workers, Amaia, received a call on Saturday June 8 from one of her friends explaining what had happened to her in the workshop. And what did he tell you? That when they raised the car to do the inspection they began to hear some very loud meows inside and that when disassembling part of the car they had found two very small and scared cats. Yes, they had found Gamba and Soja.

Amaia didn't think twice and ran to the workshop to see what she could do for them. Upon arrival, he saw that both Gamba and Soja had an eye infection, burned mustaches and their condition was truly alarming.

Prawn the first day we found her with infected eyes

He immediately took them to his trusted veterinary center to assess their condition and see how they could try to cure infected eyes, burns and rehabilitate them. Luckily, the diagnosis was that with a little antibiotic and eye drops they would recover very soon.

Throughout the weekend Amaia was not separated from her two little girls and little by little they were able to recover.

Would you like to see the day to day of Gamba y Soja? You can see it on our Instagram profile @kitcat_en in our featured story for Shrimp and Soybeans, you are sure to love seeing how playful they are!

Follow their progress closely in the next chapters of these little survivors.


We would like to know if you have ever found yourself in a similar situation and what you have done about it. You can leave your comment below!

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  • We have never found ourselves in this situation ... but our little Wendy was also found in a car engine ... she meowed so much that when she came out she was totally hoarse! Now she is a happy cat with her brothers!


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