Chapter 2 - Gamba and Soy come to our offices!

Amaia has a cat that she adopted four years ago and the first day she came home with Gamba and Soja, she had a really bad time. In order not to cause discomfort to his cat and to be able to rehabilitate Gamba and Soja with ease, he asked us for permission to bring them to the office. And what happened? We went crazy to see them walk through the door!

Since they arrived they have fallen asleep on the laps of everyone on the team and every two by three a ... "But how beautiful they are!" Is heard from the office. And the truth, what can we tell you ... they are to be eaten!

These days they will stay by the office to finish their rehabilitation, since they are still taking antibiotics and need their eye drops, but next week the intention is that they can go home.

We will keep you posted in the next chapters!

Would you like to see the day to day of Gamba y Soja? You can see it on our Instagram profile @kitcat_en in our featured story for Shrimp and Soybeans, you are sure to love seeing how playful they are!

How many cats do you have? Are they adopted? We would like to know how your little ones got to your homes! You can leave your comment below.

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