Chapter 5 - Why did we want to share with you the story of Gamba y Soja?

When Gamba and Soja arrived at our offices and Amaia told us everything that had happened, it occurred to us to share her story to help other people to become aware of an issue that affects many cats every day, indiscriminate abandonment.

We were not very clear on how to approach the story, so in the end we decided to fragment his recovery into chapters, perhaps that way we would get people to have more empathy with the suffering that Gamba and Soja had experienced because of their abandonment.

Amaia, who thanks to her we have been able to see the recovery of Gamba and Soja, wants to share a few words with you:

"When I saw in the state that Gamba and Soya were the first day I saw them, I couldn't believe that they had been lucky enough to survive. In the end, with a little patience and love they have been able to recover perfectly. I want you to know It has not been easy, a cat requires attention, care and above all, a lot of patience. I hope that if you find yourself in a situation like mine, you can do something for their life and offer them a new opportunity. And I no longer say that you are the one who adopt, you can also look for a qualified adopter to be able to take them in. But please, never look the other way, because if you do, we will never be able to save the lives of all the cats that are abandoned every day. "

We do not want this story to end here, we want Gamba y Soja to be the beginning of a thousand more stories of cats that have been able to recover thanks to someone who was able to give them love and time.

We would love if you have ever lived a similar story, you would share it with us. You can send us your story to We sure inspire many people to act just like you or Amaia did!

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