The Sand Kit Cat SoyaClump it is 100% biodegradable soy-based cat litter with a mild scent. This unique product is made from the insoluble parts of soybeans found in the production of soy milk. Normally, this insoluble part of the soy is thrown away, but Kit Cat innovates and gives a new purpose for this material to be reused to make cat litter, making us a Eco friendly company.

This cat litter works as a excellent absorbent of liquids, as it can absorb up to 3 times more moisture compared to traditional sand. Featuring an instant clumping formula, it clumps together on contact with liquid.

SoyaClump es Flushable down the toilet, easy to pick up and its rapid absorption protects the cat and the litter box from the bad smell of urine. Kit Cat's cat litter is produced with natural, food-grade soybeans that are free of chemicals and synthetic dyes, making it safe for cats and the home in general.