Super Pack Snacks

Super Pack Snacks

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Would you like to try all the Kit Cat snacks and surprise your kitten?

We have created the Super Pack Snacks, a pack with all our snacks: Purr Puree, Fillet Fresh and Special milk for cats. The favorite of cats! And also, at a very affordable price.

When you receive the pack, take note of the flavors that you liked the most. When they run out, you can buy the different snacks at lotes 10 or 24 units, they are more economic and you will save each month.

Product description

Purr Puree Snacks

Cat snack creamy and functional ideal for rewarding your cat and supplementing its diet. Made with 100% natural quality ingredients, without cereals and without artificial preservatives. It incorporates nutritional and prebiotic components such as Taurine and Vitamin E, essential for the optimal development of your cat.

FreezeBites Freeze Dried Snacks

Unique ingredient, multiple benefits. Kit Cat Freezebites snacks for cats are made with a single ingredient. This protein-rich treat is ideal for cats of all ages and is irresistible to even the pickiest of cats, cats with food allergies, stomach sensitivities or on a restricted diet.

Fillet Fresh Snacks

Fillet Fresh are exquisite fresh fillets of tender Boneless Chicken or Fish without bones, which we have cleaned and cooked so that your cat enjoys each bite and feels like a real wild cat.

Cat milk

Kit Cat's special milk for cats is a healthy and nutritious complementary food that helps improve the well-being and development of cats. We know that cow's milk is dangerous for cats because of its high lactose content, for this reason in Kit Cat they have practically eliminated all the lactose. In addition, Kit Cat milk does not contain added sugars.


  • 1x PurrPuree PLUS Chicken (Joint Care).
  • 1x PurrPuree PLUS Chicken (Collagen Care).
  • 1x PurrPuree PLUS Tuna (Skin & Coat).
  • 1x PurrPuree PLUS Tuna (Urinary Care).
  • 1x PurrPuree Tuna and Scallops.
  • 1x PurrPuree Tuna and Salmon.
  • 1x PurrPuree Smoked Chicken and Fish.
  • 1x PurrPuree Chicken and Fiber (Hairball Control).
  • 1x FreezeBites Tuna 15g
  • 1x FreezeBites Cod 15g
  • 1x FreezeBites Shrimp 10g
  • 1x FreezeBites Duck Liver 20g
  • 1x FreezeBites Chicken Liver 20g
  • 1x FreezeBites Duck 15g
  • 1x FreezeBites Chicken 15g
  • 1x FreezeBites Salmon 15g
  • 1x FilletFresh Tuna and Fiber Loin.
  • 1x FilletFresh Grilled chicken.
  • 1x FilletFresh Grilled Mackerel.
  • 1x FilletFresh Smoked Chicken and Fish.
  • 1x FilletFresh Tuna Loin and Smoked Fish.
  • 1x FilletFresh Chicken and Fiber Loin.
  • 1x Special Milk for cats 250ml.

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